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Joomla Extensions can be very complex. The Content View in a template is an extension. The search feature is also an extension. To view all the core extensions all you need to do is look at the Extensions directory.

Introduction to Extensions

Extensions are the main building blocks of Joomla; they do all the work and are what you interface with in the backend.

Extension Development is a laborious process. All our extensions are built using Joomla MVC; they are clean coded and well commented unlike other Website Design Companies

The features of a Joomla extension is limited by only your Imagination as we have the skills and expertise to pull off any outrageous requirements. This has helped us be one of the Top Website Design Companies.

You can harness the full potential of your website using the Joomla Extensions developed by us which would in turn help you achieve your goals with ease.

We custom build Joomla Extensions that cater to all the needs of your website. You can as well personalize your business with the Joomla Extensions. They’re the ideal method for incorporating existing PHP code into the Joomla framework or adding new functionality.

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