Our Process

Our Process

The project will be guided by the ISO standard 9001:2000 V-Model Quality Management process, as a as a framework for the planning and implementation.

The figure below illustrates the typical planning elements & documents in the V-shaped process prepared during the project development cycle and indicating the deliverables during each phase of the project.

While the figure and the list below may give the impression of a sequential process, it is merely intended as an illustration of the broad activity areas to be paid attention to during the preparation and completion of the project.

The V-shaped process map provides a visual illustration of the relationship of the individual activities to each other at different levels and during different stages from the beginning to the end of the projects.

For example, the tasks and sub-tasks related to “Definition of Project Requirements” and the Definition of the Project Acceptance Criteria” on level 1 relate to the one and the same thing, as expressed in “begin with the end in mind”. The same applies to System Specification and “System Test Criteria” on level 2, etc, etc.

Last but not the least, the V-shaped process illustration model does not imply that the project is divided into and has to be completed in sequential phases. The requirements definition and implementation can be implemented concurrently by different team members understanding the broad project end-goals and accepting responsibility for their respective areas in order to assemble at the end the separate pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.